Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: Downside to Cryogenics

Downside to Cryogenics
by: Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
Price: Free

Downside to Cryogenics is a quick twist on a familiar theme (at least to science fiction buffs) a terminally ill person is frozen and wakes up in the future and finds it's not as good as they hoped.

I normally don't like these stories, but I always read them. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. The problem with most of them is they cover the same ground that the last hundred or so did. In DOWNSIDE TO CRYOGENICS Auverigne handled this nicely by keeping it brief at 741 words. I groaned a little as I started thinking it was just the same old thing I'd read many times before but by the time I got done groaning it was on to the story which was quite good.

If you like the waking up in the future stories, but are tried of them going over the same ground over and over again, you should read this one. It covers that ground in a sprint and is on to the story. If you've never read one I think she covers the basics well enough to fill you in to enjoy the story.

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