Saturday, April 16, 2011

Character Quiz

With my broken finger I am doing the slowest rewrite I've ever done. The only good thing about it is I get to really think over a scene as I try to change it. I get to really get into the character's heads.

So I thought up a little character quiz:

Your main character looks into their love interest's eyes (which hopefully have dilated pupils) and lean in to take their first kiss...

1)What did your Main Character eat since they last brushed their teeth? (they would know this and run through the days events hoping it was nothing too offensive.)
2)What does the Love Interest's perfume smell like?
3)How about her hair, does the shampoo compliment it?
4)Who has the warmer body temperature?
5)How is each controlling their breathing, are they taking quick breaths through their nostrils or deep breaths through their mouths, hoping not to seem like they are panting?

Not that all this information needs to make it into the book, but these are the things that would run through the Main Character's mind and the Adrenalin and Serotonin that are released would make them remember every detail.

These are just a few things I've thought of the MC would be thinking at that time, it's a little hard for me to remember as its been over 23 years since I've had a first kiss with someone.

Besides the things I just mentioned and the obvious, what other things might go through the MC's mind?

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